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Borescope inspection aircraft engine

By | 08.09.2021

We are specialists in aircraft gas-turbine engine borescope inspections for asset sales and acquisitions, pre-lease inspections and end-of-lease returns, scheduled inspections and worldwide AOG callout. Subject to satisfactory engine borescope inspections, this allows us the privilege of certifying the work we have carried out using EASA Form Call us today to arrange your aircraft physical survey or engine borescope inspectionanywhere in the world.

Formed from the Argo Group which was founded in in Germany, Argo Mobile Repair Team are a best in class provider of premium aircraft services specialising in metallic and composite structural repairs. Our further capabilities offer interconnected support across multiple disciplines to all sectors of the aviation industry. Engine Inspections. Specialists in aircraft and turbine-engine inspections We are specialists in aircraft gas-turbine engine borescope inspections for asset sales and acquisitions, pre-lease inspections and end-of-lease returns, scheduled inspections and worldwide AOG callout.

Discover our services. Aircraft Inspections. UK Approval: UK. As Trusted by. Where do you need us? Visit our site.

Latest News.Wings to your curious mind! Borescopy- The Endoscopy of an Aircraft Engine. At some of the other point in your life, you must have gone through the word endoscopy. In simple words, the endoscopy of an aircraft engine is known as boroscopy. Let us understand this in a more practical way.

A person X is walking on the road and unfortunately, he meets an accident. He was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctor after an investigation found that he has got an injury on his left knee. Now what the doctor can see is an external injury from which a small amount of blood is dripping out!

The doctor carries out the first aid procedure of the injured location. Now X tries to stand on his legs again but he feels immense pain in his knee. Is this pain only due to the external injury? Not exactly there may be some internal injury also. How would the doctor find out what is exactly the matter?

Borescope Inspections of Aircraft Engines

The answer that would pop up to your mind is an X-ray test. Now let us relate this to an aircraft engine, the engine is not producing the thrust as per the standard values, ripping of all the engine components apart and then reassembling just for one problem would take some two-three days.

Is this justifiable? In simple words, boroscopy is a method of inserting a small camera inside the engine body to get the live image of all the inaccessible components inside the engine on an LCD screen and analyze their actual condition. Now I think the root cause behind less thrust production can be found out without even opening a single screw. Basic Components of a Borescope setup. Eye Piece or Monitor. This is a simple LCD screen on which the magnified image of the component being viewed is displayed which is termed as a monitor.

An eyepiece is a viewing device in which the magnified image can be seen, the way as it is used in a telescope or a microscope. Optical System. This is a system consisting of various components such as relay lenses, rod lens system, fiber optic setup etc.

This camera is special because it has the capability to produce very consistent images despite its very tiny size.Aircraft engine disassembly can be complex, risky, and expensive — making nondestructive testing techniques such as borescope inspections essential to evaluating the condition of engine parts. Additionally, these inspections can contribute to improved flight safety by quickly detecting aircraft engine defects before they can cause further problems.

Skip to content Borescope Inspection Aircraft Engine. You Are Here:. Nondestructive Testing. Borescope Inspection Aircraft Engine. Applied Technical Services offers borescope inspections for a number of applications, including borescope inspections for aircraft engines. Borescope inspections are a type of visual inspection that can examine hard-to-reach or inaccessible components without taking them apart or damaging them.

Borescope: Defined. Borescopes are essentially thin tubes fitted with a series of lenses and a light. The structure of this camera system is designed to be fully flexible and adjustable, making it possible to examine tight areas without damaging any components. Our NDT technicians feed the borescope directly into the part being inspected while navigating its path using a video display.

The most common flaws we detect in aircraft engines are cracks caused by mechanical fatigue, thermal cycling, unintended overheating and vibrations. Borescope Inspection Benefits. Our expert nondestructive testing technicians regularly perform thorough borescope inspections to accurately verify aircraft engine condition. At ATS, we understand the importance of quality service, quick turnaround times, and helpful customer service.

If you need aviation NDT testing, contact us today— We take a closer look! Quote Request Form. Request a quote. View PDF Brochure.This video inspection highlights the visible defects ensuring your asset is in a condition worthy of sale or purchase, lease or continued service. Much of our work in this field is for Leasing Companies, Airlines and Maintenance Organisations performing pre-purchase, lease return and scheduled or non-scheduled maintenance inspections.

A borescope is the industrial version of the medical endoscope and is used in a similar way. That is to view or inspect something that is not easy to get to without taking apart or disassembly or major surgery in the case of the endoscope. Borescopes are used in many different applications we use them to look inside the casing of jet engines to see the internal parts.

The first 2 above focus on the serviceability and safety of the engine where item 3 is aimed at the commercial aspect before entering or re-entering into service, the cost of any repairs or the ability of the engine to remain in service for a certain time frame. The first 2 types of inspection tend to take less to carry out but are often carried out outside and overnight the 3 rd type should be planned and should be inside a suitable maintenance facility.

RVI Ltd will record all aspects of the inspection with the addition of images with measurements, if required, we then produce an in depth written report and DVD once back in the office. We will provide clients with an interactive DVD recording of the complete inspection, along with a detailed written report and digital images of any defects or damage found.

The video recording DVD of the inspection provides a comprehensive record of the health of the engine gas path at a fixed point in time. RVI Ltd uses the latest and most advanced flexible video borescope equipment produced by Olympus Industrial.

The light is produced by a laser within the kit body and the image is picked up by the video chip mounted in the tip under the lens adaptors. This kit is capable of very accurate measurement using a stereo system. The video clips are recorded in hi-definition video. RVI Ltd will travel almost anywhere to carry out these borescope inspections. We have travelled to most of the European countries including a number of the east European countries.

Any destination will be considered that does not put anyone at risk. We are leading the industry in respect of the equipment used, inspection techniques and DVD reporting. RVI Ltd have a capability that leading airlines and maintenance facilities yearn for.

Contact us today at info rvi-ltd. Remote Visual Inspections. Video Borescope Inspections with Dual Release. Borescopes A borescope is the industrial version of the medical endoscope and is used in a similar way. RVI Borescope Inspection Services Our inspections fall into 3 main categories these being The routine time limited inspectionswhich ensure the safe continuation of the engine in service.

The emergency, unexpected or unplanned situation such as a bird strike, volcanic ash ingestion or fault diagnosis of a badly running engine surging or stalling. The full inspection is usually only called for when the engine is bought, sold or the lease changes.

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Borescope inspection of the aircraft engine

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borescope inspection aircraft engine

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borescope inspection aircraft engine

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borescope inspection aircraft engine

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