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Gabbiano toscana dark knight

By | 01.04.2021

It is the alliance between the land and the vine that makes the difference: each vine has its own characteristics, requirements and reaction, important to be thoroughly familiar with both the grape and the land to know how to manage. The analysis of the earth, the choice of the rootstocks and the selection of the clones, as well the pruning back and the careful, skillful handling of the vine throughout its productive cycle, makes it possible to obtain a healthy grape with uniform ripening: the quality of the grapes is at the heart of a good wine.

Italy » Chianti Classico. Our Chianti Classico is crafted from a selection of estate grown grapes. In the glass the wine promises fragrant aromas of violet and red berries. James Suckling 92 " A pretty red with dark berry, chocolate and terracotta character. Medium to full body, round and juicy tannins and a flavorful finish. This delicious Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend offers an alluring fragrance of blackberry, red currant and thyme punctuated by tarry, leather aromas.

The palate shows. Citrus flavors are evident on the. The wine would pair very nicely as. I plan on:. Search For: brand: castello di gabbiano. Castello di Gabbiano.

Read More. Add to Cart. Gabbiano Chianti Classico Gabbiano Dark Knight Toscana. Gabbiano Pinot Grigio. View Cart Close Save changes Yes.

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Out of Stock. Original Item. Better Price. Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso ml. Bolgheri And Bolg Similar Price. Luce Della Vite ml. Similar Price, Better Score. Orma Toscana Igt ml. Better Price, Better Score. Grattamacco Bolgheri Superiore ml. Customer Reviews. More wines available from Castello Di Gabbiano.

Castello di Gabbiano Dark Knight - A Super Tuscan to the Rescue

Add to Cart. Winery Castello Di Gabbiano. Tuscany is probably Italy's most important and widely respected wine region, with a history which stretches back almost three thousand years, and a set of fine grape varietals which produce some of the most delicious quality white and red wines in the world.

Sangiovese and Vernaccia varietal grapes are grown all over this expansive region, and the way they are handled, aged and processed varies from town to town.Fit for a superhero or nobilitythe silky, smooth and sweet Castello di Gabbiano Dark Knight.

This IGT Toscana wine was aged for 8 months in barrel and another 3 months in bottle before release. It has residual sugar of 5.

Gabbiano mangia piccione al centro di roma

Ready to buy? Check your local retailers. Imported by Treasury Wine Estates. Sample submitted for review.

This red blend, dominant in cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sangiovese varietals pays homage to the Castello's kindred spirits, the standard bearers for a noble cause, the dark knights of the hills of Tuscany. There's something special about Italian red blends. Most winemaking in Italy has traditionally been governed by strict rules and regulations that can, at times, limit innovation.

Castello di Gabbiano

The rise of the Super Tuscan blend in the 80s and the resulting IGT Toscana label in the 90s; however, gave a creative outlet to winemakers who wanted to produce non-traditional, often Bordeaux-style blends. What's always amazed me is how, despite the lack of rules and regulations, all these wines still maintain a very distinctive Italian character.

Today's wine is a perfect example. The Castello di Gabbiano Dark Knight begins with a very enticing Italian nose full of dark, ripe berry, nicely integrated spice notes and plenty of vanilla. The wine tastes silky, smooth and sweet with tons of tart, ripe berry fruit. The well integrated spice continues as well as the vanilla notes which lead into the dry finish of lingering cola, coffee and chocolate along with more sweet berry fruit. This is a great Italian blend and a testament to the power of the Super Tuscan!

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gabbiano toscana dark knight

Best Of Lists!Add My Review. Winery: Castello di Gabbiano. Add New Vintage. Natalie MacLean is editor of Canada's largest wine review web site, publishing hundreds of wine reviews every week for more thanmembers. Get access to all of her reviews today by becoming a member of her site. Know the wines you want before you even get to the store with my wine reviews.

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Become one of our thirsty clanstrong: Register Today! Castello Di Gabbiano Dark Knight Tuscany I. Alcohol: This wine is brooding, featuring black plum skin, blackberry, baking spice and a hint of singed herb. Cabernet, Merlot and Sangiovese. Pair with grilled sausages. Tannins are firm on earthy, fruity red.

Pair with rustic, meaty stews and game roasts. Join me in a free online video class to learn the secrets to perfect pairings. Wine of the Week As featured on.

Castello Di Gabbiano Dark Knight 2016 Wine Review

Rex Pickett, Sideways. Access my reviews on mobile with the bar code scanner. The Financial Times of London. Starting a Wine Cellar? Expert advice for all budgets. From wine racks to underground caves, insider tips on size and space, number of bottles, ideal conditions and reputable resources.This medieval fortress was among many that were established to fortify the area between Siena and Florence as the two kingdoms fought for control of a region widely known for its wine and olive oil.

With its castle still standing tall nearly centuries later, it is not surprising that the winery takes such pride in its noble estate and has adopted Il Cavaliere — the knight who protected the castle from invaders — as its mascot. Firmly ensconced within the Chianti Classico wine region, the estate boasts acres of vineyard, planted predominantly to Sangiovese, supplemented with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and several local varieties such as Colorino and Canaiolo.

The castle itself has now been converted into a beautiful hotel with 11 traditional guest rooms and five apartments. Prior to coming on board, the Tuscan native served as a consultant winemaker to numerous local wineries building a decade of experience. Federico maintains a distinct philosophy when approaching his wines, placing an emphasis on elegance, drinkability and the ability to pair with food over power and polyphenols.

Accordingly, the wines spend less time aging in wood and more time in the bottle before release, with the conviction that wines in the past were overly rustic with their tannins and over-extracted.

Moreover, Federico enjoys experimenting with wood and uses a mix of French and Hungarian oak to season his wines. More recently, he conducted some trials with local oak from forests near Florence and has been pleased with the results: more pepper and floral notes.

gabbiano toscana dark knight

Consequently, he hopes to increase its use in the future. As the second largest winery in the Chianti Clssico region, Castello di Gabbiano has significant resources to invest in the latest technology and apply it to producing great wines. For example, Federico notes that it is better to pick by machine on time thanks to sophisticated mechanical harvesters than to wait and harvest manually, especially with Sangiovese, which could develop rot or mold during a delay.

Additionally, he relies on a vibration sorting system to maintain more whole berries and has adopted a more gentle approach to winemaking. Among its portfolio, Castello di Gabbiano produces a Pinot Grigio with grapes sourced from northeastern Italy.

gabbiano toscana dark knight

The Chianti Classico line-up includes a basic Chianti Classico and a Riserva-level wine as well as the latest addition to the Chianti Classico pyramid — Gran Selezione — with a wine called Bellezza, which was my favorite of the three. Moving up the hierarchy, the wines are aged for longer periods of time, generally with more time in oak, but also time in bottle.

The resulting wine is fuller bodied, with more concentrated fruit and more structure, but is still fresh and lively even though it is five years old.

With the belief that traditional Sangiovese is a difficult wine for nascent drinkers, this red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese was crafted as an introductory wine for these newer consumers. Taking a modern approach and style, the wine is partially produced with some carbonic maceration with the aim of creating a soft and easy-drinking wine that can be enjoyed with food or on its own. While it is clearly targeted at a less experienced wine drinker, it is not a fruit bomb or overly high in residual sugar.

Of all the wines tasted, this had the most noticeable oak, along with lush red and black fruit, intensity and power. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

gabbiano toscana dark knight

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She was a Franken-ship made from spare hull and guns, although she was built I think her strange construction could easily lend to creative balancing.

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