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Minidso es121 screwdriver

By | 01.04.2021

Sign in. Sign in with. Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. Slim 17mm diameter stainless steel housing with pen shape design,powered by mAh lipo battery with 60 minutes working time continuously at full load. It is equipped with SMT32 MCU and 3-axis gyro supporting motion control enable the user to screw or unscrew just by a thumb slight moment, so intelligent and convenient. Smart Functions: -Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode; -User ustomized configuration parameters such as torsion, torque, etc ; -Open source application layer.

Use the Type-c cable to connect the smart screwdriver to the computer when it is off. Copy the latest firmware to the virtual disk of the computer. Change the firmware suffix from [. Disconnect the Type-c cable directly, the firmware upgrade is complete 6. The latest firmware download address www. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies view more on our Privacy Policy. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page.

Cookie Preferences. Buyer Protection. Save big on our app! Cart 0. Wish List. Sign Out. Sign in Sign in with. All Categories. Torque: 2. Product Description. Features: Slim 17mm diameter stainless steel housing with pen shape design,powered by mAh lipo battery with 60 minutes working time continuously at full load. View more. Related Search: power tool worx optical screw driver stm32 stm32frct6 development board es cordless electric screwdriver battery electr tool torsional cordless drill battery impact nut screwdriver Hot Search: propeller propeller 8 7 purse men pin propeller kt87 keyboard iphon 6 shoes lgg manual kt plush mini pattern caffe Ranking Keywords: girls trip shirts girls in tight shorts girls tulle skirt girl stickers girls suitcase girl swimsuit models categroy: Electric Drills Spray Guns Electric Screwdrivers Heat Guns Glue Guns Grinders Nail Guns Electric Saws Electric Crimping Tools.

Google Play App Store. All rights reserved.We all know that more money spent equals more power, and I already own one excellent product from MiniDSO — the portable soldering iron TS review.

It was time to test their take on the electronic screwdriver ES As with TS, this tool beams with quality at first sight! A stainless steel design, hefty weight and very pragmatic and yet interesting look make the MiniDSO ES screwdriver stand out and feel premium. I have a passion for pencils. The screwdriver feels nice, and it is a joy to use before you discover the position-sensitive drive control. The screwdriver comes with a single button which performs multiple functions.

Hold to drive the screws, triple press the button to access the setting mode and select one of the options:. Hold the power button, twist it slightly, and let the screwdriver do the work in a designated direction. Enhanced controls are enabled thanks to STM32 chip. The settings will let you control the following functions:.

ES121 Motion Controlled Electric Screwdriver (UPGRADED)

Elbow grease Vs minidso es Vs wowstick1p Which one is the best? Not only you can pick the torque, but the speed and torque as the consequence will change the easier it gets to drive the screw.

No slow turns on long machine screws. For your ultimate screwing experience, there is an OLED screen to display the current setting 3 button presses to access the menu and provide you with visual feedback for the selected action, torque and the gear selected.

Wowstick 1P could be stopped with your fingers. Both screwdrivers advertise the same max torque 3Nm vs 30kgf cmbut due to RPMs the ES feels much stronger and it does perform a tiny bit better. In my experience, you will start with the manual operation to budge the screw, then the motor will kick in and finish the job for you, unscrewing the screw faster without resistance. The power button is located in a little awkward position. At first, I was slightly disappointed with the torque.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Consisting of a power supply and smart monitor module.

Muttley Snickers Supporter Posts: Country:.

The 10 Best Electric Screwdrivers

Quote from: TheAmmoniacal on July 08,am. The following users thanked this post: TheAmmoniacal. It's not isolated, which is how they get the power and efficiency. Having separate power leads for each module plus extra one for the controller is really messy. It's actually part of a min-lab style suite of modules they have planned. The following users thanked this post: Marco KaylaKay Newbie Posts: 1 Country:.

I just bought one of these, it'll be here next Wednesday. Gonna get one of those plastic waterproof cases with a shapeable foam insert to carry everything around in and I'll be able to troubleshoot and repair nearly anything, anywhere.

I love how the design aesthetic is the same across most of their tools, they look like they're part of the same set. Now if they'd just come out with a multimeter to match everything else MiniWare Contributor Posts: 15 Country:. It would be an interesting device if it would have a pc software and can be controlled over wifi with own written scripts or some API to control it. Other than that don't see much of a need in one, especially taking into account its price.

Evi Contributor Posts: 38 Country:. I started to reverse it. The packets looks like: Screen Module sends: C Power module answers like: B Some bytes meanings: Code: [Select].

Rather crazy programming idea.

minidso es121 screwdriver

Byte 11 has wrong range He finds a few issues, in particular the output voltage being higher that set. Not sure if he had updated firmware as shown in that other review. Has anyone found a way to purchase just the power supply module in the US? By the way, is it the same "2. Quote from: brainstorm on October 04,am. JxR Supporter Posts: Country:. I purchased one of the MDP-P power supply units. I'm quite pleased with it so far. I've only supplied up to 60W with it, but I personally didn't see the output voltage rising to compensate.

It is kind of a niche product, but it is very useful to me for university use. I doubt I will ever use it on my bench though.We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. A cordless screwdriver can be such a great addition to your workbench. The only problem with cordless screwdrivers? There are so many on the market.

Knowing how much power, what speed and clutch settings, bit types, and other features to look for can be a serious challenge. On the hunt for a cordless screwdriver? Check out our top choices. For general advice on what to look for in a cordless screwdriver, our shopping guide has plenty of helpful hints. You can also move around freely with the tool, which can come in handy for many projects.

A cordless screwdriver is usually much easier to take with you on the go than a corded model, so you can easily work on projects just about anywhere. You can use a cordless screwdriver for a wide range of home projects, such as putting furniture together, installing a light fixture, or even larger projects like building a deck. A straight cordless screwdriver looks like a manual screwdriver — it has a straight handle with a bit at the end.

You hold the opposite end just as you would a traditional screwdriver, so it usually fits easily into smaller spots. However, some users find a straight cordless screwdriver difficult to hold. They have a handle that you grip, while the screwdriver section with the bit sits perpendicular. A variable cordless screwdriver combines the benefits of straight and pistol models. You can hold the tool in a straight position, or bend it at a pivot point to create a pistol-style grip.

For basic, light- to medium-effort projects, a screwdriver that offers approximately 4V is usually sufficient. If you need a tool to handle more difficult screwing jobs, look for a screwdriver that provides between 4V and 12V. Look for a cordless screwdriver that offers 20 or more clutch settings for the most control.

Choose a model that offers at last two speeds:. For light screwing tasks, a speed of approximately to rpm is usually sufficient. For medium screwing tasks, a speed of approximately to rpm is usually sufficient. Most cordless screwdrivers include standard size flathead and Phillips screw bits.

However, some models offer the bits in multiple sizes, which allows you to work on projects that involve screws in any size and shape combination. Other models only include a few bits, but you can purchase additional options individually if you find that you need them for certain projects.

Cordless screwdrivers usually feature either a lithium-ion Li-ion or a nickel-cadmium NiCd or sometimes NiCad battery.

NiCD batteries are the classic option, but lithium-ion batteries are smaller and lighter, which usually makes for a more compact screwdriver.

Higher end cordless screwdriver may include multiple batteries, so you never have to worry about running out of power in the middle of a project.Do you need an electric 3-axis gyro motion-sensing screwdriver with an OLED screen? Maybe not, but with all the time in the hobby spent changing screws and fixing things, you'd be surprised how much time you could save with this amazing machine.

Also great for those who struggle to use or grip conventional screwdrivers. The popular ES was upgraded to the ES and equipped with reduction gear motor ensure faster rotation speed up to RPM load-free. Built with a slim stainless steel housing with pen shape design, powered by a mAh lipo battery with 30 minutes working time continuously at full load.

It is powered by an SMT32 MCU and 3-axis gyro supporting motion control enables the user to screw or unscrew by just a turn of the wrist, turn it slightly left and it starts to spin left, turn it right, and it spins right.

Comes with a standard 4mm diameter socket compatible with most precision screwdriver bits. Configuration file settings Connect it with USB data cable to your PC or laptop when the ES screwdriver is turned off, and press the button, then the computer will recognize it.

Open the config. Add to Cart. Parameter Setting: Press the button 3 times to enter the "setting", Wait without any action or long press to turn off "setting". A model is automatic. Features Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode; User customized configuration parameters such as torsion, torque, etc ; Open source application layer.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing.

Print Search. Author Topic: Ever heard of an open source screwdriver? Read times. But it is a very nicely made tool, that I thought was worth filming.

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minidso es121 screwdriver

I don't need one. I was going to say it reminds me of the TS I really like this guys style of vids. I just spent some time today replacing the in a cheap cordless screwdriver. If it had a vaguely accurate torque limiter in it I think I'd buy one tomorrow.

I might however want one. Might have to ask Santa. Your toaster just set fire to an African child over TCP. Like everybody here I see no need for this tool, but am consumed with lust. Generally the latter wins out. I don't see what's open source about it though?

The links to the firmware aren't even there, let alone source. Main page for this seems to be at www. Love your videos by the way, count me as a fan!

A precision screwdriver in power armour – MiniDSO ES121

Cerebus Super Contributor Posts: Country:. The review was good but, like so many other tool reviews nowadays, leaves me missing vital information.

minidso es121 screwdriver

Information like: Is it skookum? Does it chooch? Is it the fabled Cockford-Ollie? Anybody got a syringe I can use to squeeze the magic smoke back into this? The max speed of this one does look a bit slow, though better than some others I've seen. I'm not convinced the auto rotation sensing is more useful than simply having two buttons.Updated February 09, by Sheila O'Neill.

This wiki has been updated 19 times since it was first published in February of Save yourself the time and energy of working manually with one of these quality electric screwdrivers, which get the job done free of restrictive cords and without putting undue strain on your hands and wrists. They'll let you complete jobs faster at the push of a button, with some doubling as drills.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. If you'd like to contribute your own research to the Wiki, please get started by reviewing this introductory video. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Its variable speed allows for countersinking without damaging materials.

At less than six inches long, it's a good choice for apartment dwellers who don't have much storage space to spare. When you're faced with fastening tasks too arduous for smaller models, the Bosch PS31 appx. It also functions as a highly effective drill, so you won't have to constantly switch between tools. February 05, We replaced the Skil iXO with the Skil 4V Rechargeablea newer model with many of the same useful features, like an onboard magnetic bit holder and a pistol grip that fits comfortably in the hand.

We removed the NovelLife ES due to availability concerns, but still wanted to include an option good for electronics and glasses repair on the list. Note that you can also choose to purchase it with a piece bit set included. Another strong choice is the Skil iXO, a highly compact and versatile tool that features magnetic housing for convenient onboard bit storage, as well as micro USB charging using your laptop, car charger, or phone charger.

And its battery life is impressive, as it can hold a charge up to 18 months. Whichever model you select, be sure to follow safe practices, including wearing protective goggles, when working with power tools, as they can kick up a lot of debris while in use. This rugged unit runs on a 1. It also incorporates an innovative screw-holding attachment that allows for one-handed operation. It boasts a slim, aluminum alloy housing that's attractively sleek and no trouble to hold.

Thanks to modern battery technology, this impact-style driver pumps out enough power to put screws deep into concrete or metal without breaking a sweat. Given their bulkier size, it can be difficult to reach into small areas with electric screwdrivers.

If you're ever inundated with furniture assembly, small fixture hanging, or electrical box maintenance, the DeWalt 12V Kit appx. It's lightweight, durable, and with the bundled charger and pair of batteries, it's also a great value. The electric screwdriver significantly increases efficiency for driving screws into tight spots and awkward angles without having to use manual twisting motions.

Add one part vodka to one part orange juice, some ice, and your equipment is magically assembled. Okay, not really. But all joking aside, whether you work in construction for a living, are putting together a new console table to support the family room television, or you're building a series of storage shelves, chances are you're using a traditional screwdriver to fasten and secure any individual components.

Despite its basic appearance, the tool is extremely versatile, even when only considering the manual screwdriver. But its source of convenience doesn't stop there. With the addition of electrical power, you can free yourself from having to contort into awkward positions just to drive that screw in or out of a hole, making that console table or shelving project come together much more quickly and with less hypothetical cursing on the job.

Different from its manual counterpart, the electric screwdriver combines several components in order to operate efficiently, including a rechargeable battery, a power switch, an electric motoran internal gear systema locking mechanism for the chuckand the chuck itself. Drawing power of either positive or negative polarity from the device's battery, the switch sends power to the motor, causing the motor to spin in either a forward or reverse direction. When the switch is in its neutral or idle position, no electrical current is flowing, as neither of the motor's contacts have been signaled.

When one side of the switch is depressed, an electric current flows from the battery directly to one of the motor's contacts, causing the chuck to spin. While the motor is an important part of the device, the screwdriver's gear system is no less integral of a component.

Depending on the specific tool being used, it will employ some degree of gear reduction in order to augment the motor's power. In terms of the electric screwdriver, gear reduction is a fancy way of explaining how the tool's internal gear system works to decrease motor speed, while inversely increasing the amount of available torque for the chuck to twist the screwdriver bit in one direction or the other.

While the motor spins faster than the chuck, the gear system essentially exchanges that generated speed for increased torque, effortlessly driving a screw into a hunk of wood or piece of metal.

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