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By | 14.07.2021

When it was first discovered by human settlers in the 29th Millennium it was classified as a verdant Agri-World. However, during the Horus Heresy in the early 31st Millennium, the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion -- intending to destroy all potential resistance before landing -- virus-bombed the planet from space, rendering it an inhospitable desert. Only then did the Chaos Space Marines land.

Tallarn's few survivors emerged from their underground bunkers to stop the Iron Warriors' invasion. Soon, reinforcements from both sides arrived.

Tabletop Tactics Tallarn Army Additions - Siege Studios

It became clear to the Imperial forces the futility of fighting over a destroyed planet, but by then there was no turning back. Although it could not be guessed at the time, the Traitor Legion was motivated to attack the world beyond their mere appetite for destruction, for Tallarn was home to a potent Chaos artefact. Since the poisoned environment made it impossible for infantry to operate outside of protective shelter, the only available option for battle was that of armoured tank warfare.

The largest tank battle in human history erupted on the surface of Tallarn, involving some 10 million armoured vehicles. By the end of it, the Iron Warriors were defeated, and the wreckage of over a million tanks littered the sands. These regiments specialised in desert fighting and highly mobile armoured warfare, and were highly adept at ambushing enemy forces in the desert. The Tallarn Desert Raiders continued the Imperium of Man 's attack on various worlds which had turned to Chaos until sometime during the later 31st Millennium, when they were recalled to their homeworld.

The Cursus of Alganaran ancient Chaos relic of black stone that served as a gateway between the Warp and the physical universe which had led the Iron Warriors to Tallarn in the first place, was discovered deep under the desert sands. Immediately after finding this relic, both the Eldar of the Biel-Tan Craftworld and the Iron Warriors spilled from the sky once more to claim this relic, even as the daemons of Chaos emerged from the Warp when the artefact activated.

After solar months of fighting in a conflict that is known in Imperial records as the "Cursus War," the Eldar and Tallarn Desert Raiders formed an alliance and destroyed the Chaos forces.

After their combined victory over the Chaos hordes, both races exchanged rare promises of friendship, before the Eldar departed in peace. The people of Tallarn re-entombed the Chaos relic beneath the sulphurous sands of their world and turned their backs on it. The bloody armoured Battle of Tallarn. In a devastating surprise attack at the time of the Horus Heresy Thousands of virus-bombs rained down on Tallarn and the people ran to their enviro-shelters, deep beneath the surface.

As they hid, safe from the devastating bio-infestation, the deadly coils of DNA mutated as they were programmed to do. Animals, plants, even insects died as the virus did its work, destroying the planet's ecosystem and leaving an empty shell devoid of life.

After seven solar weeks of isolation, the virus had run its course and the remaining people of Tallarn emerged upon the surface.

They found a world covered with the acrid slime of plants and corpses not yet decayed -- for the world was completely sterile, without even bacteria to aid the decomposition of its dead. The stench was strong, and more than one person died from it. The Iron Warriors sent their task-force to repossess the world for the Chaos Gods. From underground bunkers the Tallarn's defenders emerged to do battle with the invaders.

Soon, reinforcements from both sides arrived, rival space fleets bringing vast armies to fight over the worthless remnants of the dead planet. The Battle of Tallarn raged for many months and was the largest armoured conflict of the Horus Heresy. Outbreaks of viral infection from rogue viral DNA residue made it almost impossible for infantry to operate outside their protective shelters or the environmentally sealed compartments of their tanks.Skip to main content.

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This article will be discussing the Tallarn Desert Raiders! Tallarn is a desert world which is nearly uninhabitable since a massive battle fought upon its surface during the Horus Heresy. Since then the Tallarn have re-settled much of the planet using tunnel systems, and short excursions to the surface. From a tactical perspective, the Tallarn fight using guerrilla tactics to strike from all sides, then fade away before a proper response can be brought to bear.

This manifests in the extensive use of light infantry raiding parties, and fast moving tank columns applied to the right place at the right time. This list will be using a combination of light infantry to screen tanks and grab objectives, along with the ubiquitous leman russ to ensure the utter destruction of the target. What the List does: This is a relatively self explanatory list, the infantry can move around and still fire at full efficacy, while the Leman Russes do the same, this makes this army very mobile, and very good at covering large swaths of the board.

Furthermore the 4 anti tank leman russes should ensure that any single large target the NEEDS killing will be done, and any troopers inside that will be mulched by the combination of the mortar teams and the dakka Punishers. What the Strengths are: This list can play the hell out of a progressive objective game. It has a total of 13 ObSec units Yes, the Tank Commander is also has the Leman Russ keyword you can place bodies on every objective on the board twice in the game for maximum points output, assuming every one of them is destroyed the turn you execute this risky maneuver.

Now this can be a double edged sword for your opponent as well. If you can properly place your units, those berzerkers can kill the HELL out of one to two units a turn, which in this list, if managed properly, just keep feeding em until they die to your guns.

Astra Militarum Regiment Tactics & List: Tallarn

All in all I love the mobility of this list. Rather than having steel boxes to get you there, just use ALL the board edges as your deployment zone! Tags: 40k 8th ed 40k Lists astra militarum Tactics Corner tallarn desert raiders warhammer 40K.

I think you should try to make room for at least one more tank commander. That tank order is stupid good. Thats actually what Ive been doing. Imo, anyway. With Tallarn, you can actually run sentinels with some of the more expensive weapons without basically throwing away points.

With the extra movement you are picking up you have the opportunity to field stronger, short range weapons. Consider demolishers and plasma cannnons instead of battle cannons. Speaking of keeping your tank commanders alive, they are characters, so ogryn body guards can be a sneaky way to add cheaper wounds to the tanks. Ambush and Dagger. First off, you should probably call out that ITC stupidly nerfed these rules for Tallaran before they even had a chance to be used in competitive play.

But even with the Nerfed rules, they are still a very powerful tool for creating a beta strike component to your list.Take it from me, for ordinary men, it's a burning, fiery furnace. They're known for their love of mechanized warfare and guerrilla tactics. They come from Tallarn, an Imperial planet that's pretty much entirely desert.

It wasn't always; it used to be a lush, verdant, heavily-forested planet that was considered quite beautiful. Luckily this failed as there were survivors hiding underground, leading to the Battle for Tallarn, the largest tank battle in the history of the Imperium of Man. Which they won, making Perturabo incredibly salty about losing to an army of mostly normal humans at mechanised warfare. Fuck, Perturabo was so determined to die on this hill that Horus himself told him to suck it up, fuck off and haul ass back to Horus' fleet before he pissed away the Iron Warriors legion in a fight he couldn't win.

Thus, they are Awesome. Slightly less awesome or more, if you're looking for a reprieve from all the Grimdark is their close friendship with the Eldar, which they inexplicably get away with, including maintaining xenos artifacts on their homeworld.

tallarn 40k models

Also, when a raider dies, his comrades suck the water out of him and put in a storage tank yet another thing stolen from Dune ; in this case the Fremen culture.

The Tallarn did the Dorfs proud by digging too deep, and finding something black and shiny. As it turns out, this shiny thing was wanted by the Iron Warriors, as it was a Chaos relic that would let them accessorize.

tallarn 40k models

The Eldar then appeared specifically those of the Biel-Tan craftworldand after a few months of fighting they decided to ally against their common enemy. And so, holding the hands of the lesser Mon-Keighs and pinching their asses, they cleansed the world together with the power of friendship.

They "exchanged rare promises of friendship", before the Tallarn did the only responsible thing they could with the artifact - cake it in rockcrete and forget about it well, they did add some sealing rune stones from the Eldar, too.

During one particular campaign, the Tallarns ended up on the wrong end of a Munitorum fuck-up, leaving both their artillery and their tanks without fuel. In response, they dismounted their vehicles, walked the several dozen kilometres to their targets, and massacred them in an enormous cross-fire.

The commander was so impressed, the 3 regiments were combined into the 1st Tallarn raiding regiment, and their vehicles given away to other regiments in need of mechanised support The old metal models are far too expensive, and unvaried, for the average gamer to make an entire army out of them. Newer official art of the Raiders make them almost look like normal Guardsmen but with cloth wrapped around their heads - which PuppetsWar and Max Mini offer with their Desert Troopers Heads and Desert Dweller Heads respectively.

Forge World used to sell them, but not anymore. To play them on the table top your going to have to buy two whole squads of Veterans and some Plasma guns. Both expensive in real money and points. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. This article is a skub.The Tallarn Desert Raiders is the name of the Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum raised from the Desert World of Tallarn whose soldiers are highly skilled at desert and mobile armoured warfare.

The Desert Raiders are mobile guerrilla fighters, evasive and opportunistic. They are especially known for their lightning-quick Sentinel and hard-hitting tank squadrons and are masters of hit-and-run mobile warfare. They love to strike a killing blow at the heart of an enemy formation before returning to their own lines, prepared to pounce once more. The people of Tallarn are extremely resourceful and pragmatic.

They are patient, determined and utterly ferocious in pursuit of their enemies. Tallarn are all accomplished riders, and often will use riding mounts to move from battle to battle, dismounting only when they are close to the enemy and wish to employ stealth. Once the enemy is sighted, the Tallarn will stalk them closely, relying on their practiced marksmanship and lightning-quick curved combat knives to achieve victory.

Once a fertile, verdant Agri-worldTallarn was devastated early in the history of the Imperium. During the dark days of the Horus Heresy in the early 31st Millennium, the warriors of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion unleashed powerful Virus Bombs upon the world's surface, scouring it of almost all life, and leaving only a few pockets of survivors in subterranean shelters.

When the Iron Warriors descended from orbit to claim and fortify this poisoned world as one of their countless citadels, they faced immediate and savage resistance from those who had survived, braving the surface in armoured vehicles that would protect them from the virus-infested air.

What followed, simply dubbed the Battle of Tallarnremains to this day the single largest tank engagement in the history of the Imperium, with hundreds of millions of vehicles clashing and withdrawing in brutal exchanges over the course of months. In spite of the sheer size of the conflict, the Tallarn people could not hope to face the Traitor Astartes in open battle, and instead quickly mastered guerrilla warfare strategies that allowed them to better elude the retaliation of the Iron Warriors forces, vanishing beneath the sands after each sortie, only to engage in another elsewhere.

In time, the Iron Warriors withdrew from the world that had been so costly to them, and the people of Tallarn were given the opportunity to rebuild.

To this day, the Tallarn have a particularly fearsome reputation for armoured warfare, and their tank crews are rightly feared. In the centuries following the Horus Heresy, the poisons and pathogens in the atmosphere diminished entirely, but the world was forever changed. In place of rolling hills, bountiful fields, and broad seas, were dunes of sulphurous sand, sun-scorched plains, and mesas of wind-scoured rock, with what little water remained lingering as vapour in the skies above.

Constructing tall vapour traps that could gather this vital moisture, and expanding their subterranean homes with tunnels, caverns, and surface domes, the population was protected from the deadly sandstorms and extreme conditions.

Tallarn Desert Raiders

Tallarn has remained this way for millennia. For this reason, the most common Tallarn regiments are infantry, Rough Rider cavalry mounted on horses or the reptilian Mukaali, or armoured regiments, all of which focus on some particular element of the favoured strategies of the Tallarn -- stealth, swiftness, and the killing blow.

Many Tallarn forces have also come to appreciate the utility of the Sentinel walker due to its effectiveness as a means of crossing even rough terrain swiftly without sacrificing firepower. Tallarn forces are often somewhat willful and independent, their traditional skills ill-suited to standing in static battle lines or holding fortifications, when they could instead be creeping up upon an enemy and executing them with the edge of a knife or a carefully-placed shot.

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tallarn 40k models

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